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An Introduction to Playwriting – 1/3/2014

This year marks the start of a new phase for me in my writing. For the first time I hope to be mounting a playwriting class that takes participants through the playwriting process from beginning to end – all in 6 weeks!

It sounds a tall order, I know, but I think it’s eminently do-able. Such things as plot, character, dialogue, all can be examined in the class room and exercises can be carried out to help people understand the playwriting process.

And it is a process. It’s just like building a house – and don’t let anyone tell you it’s different! Just as you lay down one brick after another, and pretty soon, you have a house, so too with the course: each week you learn something new, you apply it, and eventually, a play emerges on the page that others can then pick up, read, rehearse, and perform.

The course is called Introduction to Playwriting and it’s being run at the Diamond Valley Learning Centre (DVLC) in Greensborough.

Starts May 2, running through until June 6

Cost: Full: $92.00, Concession: $66.00

For further details or to enrol phone DVLC on (03) 9435 9060, or check out their website here

If you’ve ever considered writing for the stage, this is the place to start!