Cannibals of the Heart

Cannibals of the Heart

"You should never forget that flowers are the eyes of God. They watch over the house and the garden. They say good-bye to people at funerals. They say hello to lovers." - Reltec

"It's been a long time since I fired a gun. I could miss. Hit something else besides your heart. Something important. I'd hate to do that." - P

"I wonder what the Social Piranha wants now?" - Nick

"Anything could happen in the future, and that's part of it, isn't it, the risk. You give yourself to someone and you take the risk that they'll hurt you and that's the way it goes. " - Anna

"Something has to keep me warm in winter." - Maria

M+F - Various roles, ages - Drama / Fantasy

Betrayal — that most intimate of human pains. Betrayal — that most unexpected of injuries. Betrayal — that personal pain usually suffered at the hands of those closest to us. Why does it happen? How do we handle it? How do we cope with the cannibals of the heart who have eaten away our trust, our love, and our respect? That's what this show is about as it moves from asylum, to rehearsal room to warehouse. 8 scenes all based on the theme of betrayal. Strap yourselves in for a journey into the darker corners of the human heart.

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