1F 30 Minutes 3M Comedy One Act The Plays

eBay Doomsday

In the old gold mining town of Charters Towers Melissa and Danny are about to have a baby, but to get some much needed money Melissa has decided to sell off everything in the doomsday shelter that Danny’s late father, Ron, has built. However, Danny’s older brother, Billy, shows up, and then so does their supposedly late father, and Ron is a little upset when he discovers that the world isn’t quite over yet…


1F 30 Minutes Drama Monologue The Plays

Room Service

Betty Butterworth has lived and worked in the Crown Royale Hotel all her life. With the arrival of the guest in Room 1521, all of that is about to change…

Room Service – Perusal Copy

1F 1F, 2M 1M 60 Minutes Comedy Drama The Plays Two Acts / Full Length

Cannibals of the Heart

Betrayal – that most intimate of human pains.
Betrayal – that most unexpected of injuries.
Betrayal – that personal pain usually suffered at the hands of those closest to us.

8 scenes all based around the theme of betrayal.  Strap yourself in for a journey into the darker corners of the human heart.


1F 30 Minutes Black Comedy Monologue The Plays

A Retiring Lady

The critically acclaimed monologue about a Tupperware lady who isn’t what she claims to be…