Sometimes it’s easier to put all of your good eggs in one basket, and here they are: one book with my best one-act plays in them.  They’ve all been road tested and run in. They’re proven festival-winning pieces.  And you can have them all for the very low price of $24.95AUS.

Here’s an extract from the Introduction:

I have always wanted to be a writer, ever since I made up stories as a small boy and played soldiers against the massive scoria rock wall that lined the family driveway. Now, I write because I feel I have something to share with an audience, I want to have an effect on them. As a performance writer you don’t always get to sit with your audience and share your work with them, this mass of unknown people without whom the whole edifice of theatre would no longer exist, so in this respect my writing is my attempt to connect, as E. M Forster wrote, and so all I am doing sitting at my computer and writing and writing and writing, is waving to strangers—and hoping at some level they are waving back…
What do you get for your money?  Here’s what’s inside:

Daveena Clark’s Revenge
Double Tap
Fig Jam
Footsteps in the River
Heide’s Last Hit
The Butterflies Are Sleeping
The People of the Paparazzi
The Perfect Moment
The Last Dance of the Plum Sisters
Two Women & a Chair
Waiting for Doggett
As they say in the classics, cheap at twice the price!