10 minute 1M Drama Monologue The Plays


What would you do if you only had 20 minutes left to live?  Aaron Johnson is about to find out…

Ragout – Perusal Copy

1M 30 Minutes Drama Monologue The Plays

Circle of Angels

George Cooper has finally been forced to remove the little wooden and cotton angels he makes and sells at a kiosk in the Outpatients Department. The only trouble is, they were his last connection to Nancy, his late wife…

Circle of Angels – Perusal Copy


1F 1F, 2M 1M 60 Minutes Comedy Drama The Plays Two Acts / Full Length

Cannibals of the Heart

Betrayal – that most intimate of human pains.
Betrayal – that most unexpected of injuries.
Betrayal – that personal pain usually suffered at the hands of those closest to us.

8 scenes all based around the theme of betrayal.  Strap yourself in for a journey into the darker corners of the human heart.