Heide's Last Hit

Heide's Last Hit

"What are we going to do? Clare will be very disappointed when she finds out I’m not dead, and believe me, you wouldn’t like her when she’s disappointed." - Thomas

1M, 3F - Black Comedy - 30 mins.

Heide has decided to retire from the assassin business. She drags home her latest target, Thomas - but Thomas isn’t quite dead. With the addition of Clare, the woman who ordered the hit, and Danielle, Heide’s housemate, the stage is set for a mad ride around questions of love, honesty, and how to quilt.

An upside-down look at life in one of the few businesses that really is a dead end. The Importance of Being Earnest meets John Wick!

This play has been published by Maverick Musicals & Plays.
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